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Who can complete the survey?

  • Any U.S. public library location can participate in the 2014 Digital Inclusion Survey. The research team randomly selected libraries to form a survey sample, but we welcom ethe participation of other library systems and locations. To participate in the survey, please go to *website* and follow the "Take the Survey" button. You will need to enter your library's survey ID number and the survey Website provides a link to locate your library ID by state.

I don’t know my survey ID. How do I find it?

  • Refer to *website* to look up your survey ID. It is a 6 character sequence that includes the two letter abbreviation for your state followed by a 4-digit sequence (e.g., MD0001).

Why didn't I get a survey announcement postcard?

  • Postcards (see here for a PDF of the original version) were sent directly to library directors and not to branch managers.

What if I need help?

  • We offer phone support 9AM-5PM EST Monday-Friday. Call 301-405-9445. We also offer e-mail support at ipac@umd.edu.

Can I see all of the survey questions before I answer them?

  • Yes. You can access PDF versions of the survey questions by section form the links below. Please note that the print and Web surveys are slightly different (not in terms of the questions, but in terms of layout and presentation).
    • Public Access Technology and Infrastructure (e.g., public access computers, broadband connectivity, technologies available for public use).
    • Digital Literacy and Training (e.g., technology-related instruction offered by the library and library partners).
    • Library Services/Programs and Glossary (e.g., programming offered by the library and library partners in the areas of education, workforce/employment, health and wellness, and civic engagement; glossary).

Do I have to answer every question?

  • Which questions you answer is up to you. There are questions though that we need you to answer so that the survey can route you to the next question properly. For example, Some "yes"/"no" questions need a response since indicating "no" might mean you skip to a different question.
  • We encourage you answer all questions, however, because they more data we have, the more accurate our results will be.

Can I save my answers and finish the survey later?

  • Yes, you can save your answers at anytime by clicking the "stop and resume later" button at the bottom of each survey question page. To get back into the survey later, use your ID to login, find your library and click the button that says "resume" or "completed."

Can I change my answers after I have completed the survey?

  • Yes, you can change your answers at any time until December 12, 2014. To do this, use your ID to login, find your library and click the button that says "completed."
  • This will open a new window. At this point, click on the drop-down button directly to the right of the "resume survey" button (which will now be shaded). This should open a drop-down menu which will allow you to access individual questions for revision.

How do I view or print my answers?

  • To view your answer, find your library and click the "view" button. This will open a web page with your answers. How do I print my answers? To print your answers, find your library and click the "print" button. This will open a .pdf file with your answers that can be printed.

I manage several branches and many responses will be the same across different library branch locations. Is there an auto-fill response option across the different branches?

  • Yes, the Web-version of the survey features an auto-fill option to make it easier to complete the survey when responses are the same across locations. Below each question in the Web-survey question window, there will be a blue checkbox that states "same for all branches." By checking the box, your response to that question will be copied to the surveys for all library locations with your survey ID.

I keep clicking on the "resume" (or "completed") button, but the survey question window is now opening. How do I get back into the survey?

  • This is a common problem. The survey question window operates like a "pop-up" window, so please make sure "pop-ups" are enabled on your browser. However, if the survey question window is already open, and hidden by the "dashboard" (or instruction window) clicking the "resume" or "completed" button will not bring that question window to the front. Please try minimizing your browser screens to see if the smaller question window is hidden behind another larger browser window.


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